Ivar Vinkel

Ivar Vinkel


Theme: Re: CD Countryside Sounds of Saaremaa track names. Time: 01.02.2010 14:27:04

Hello, and thank you very much for this, Ivar!

I will print it to my husband, who received the CD for Christmas! You know, he has a farm of his own, and likes these sounds!!

It was really fascinating to meet with you, and see what you are researching about!

And I must say that the CD with spring bird song that I bought to myself has been of real use and is very uplifting! I listen to it regularly, in fact right now, when I read your mail!

Best of luck will all you are doing and welcome to Sweden in the future!


Theme: Re: more nightingales! Time: 26.05.2008 18:13:23

Hi Ivar:

The CDs have arrived, thanks so much. Great recordings! Copies have been sent out. The books are en route…


Theme: long nightingale recordings. Time: 28.04.2008 21:44:00

Tere Ivar:

I’m one of the people organizing the Nightingala Festival this June at Kallio Kuninkala in Finland (www.umweb.org/nightingala) and one of our scientists, Ofer Tchernichovski, has been analyzing your very excellent hour-long nightingale recording. Might you have any OTHER long recordings he could compare that one to? Any continuous performances longer than fifteen minutes would be great, in case you have such recordings.

Please let me know.

Theme: CD Sea Landing Below the Cliff of Undva. Time: 19.08.2007 12:59:02

Ivar! I very much like your new sea side recording! Like you said, it is a fortune to find a bit of nature without sounds of machines. This soundscape is pure and clear with the water so close! Occasional wind and distant calls of birds and humans are there to give even wider space to the recording. I think this is worth of putting out as a new CD, and you may forget the old one for a while.
Best wishes
Emu Lehtinen

Theme: Your nature CD´s. Time: 22.05.2007 18:14:37

Hello from Finland Ivar!

I just bought your wonderful new(est) CD “Bird morning in Matsalu Woodland”. I like it very much!!! I think I have a couple other CD’s made by you too, but two (?) is missing still. Are they still available?

Thank you for the info!

Theme: CD Chimes of Stormy Wind. Time: 19.08.2006 14:18:47)


I really like your Chimes of Stormy Wind. It’s exactly what I needed, coming down from the mountains from a long hike, to rest and feel peaceful! Thank you, it’s quite wonderful!


Theme: CD Bird Morning in Matsalu Forest. Time: 29.06.2006 18:58:11


I ´ve listened that rekord twice in evening just before gettin sleep. in my opinion this record sounds are in great balance. The sounds of birds are natural for listening, while listening it is good to relax
and adopt that feel like beeing that place recorded. the main point for listening is get peace for mind – and that happened. It is very important thing for me because my homeplace is in countryside and i´ve used to listen sound of nature. its interesting that birds are able to give so great expriences for the human people. Ok, these records are interesting, but I still like voices of water. Water has so much to give; ice, gas, snow and so on. We discussed about photography about water. Meri panga panga all is very good one, my favourite of you.

Ok, but let`s keep in contact


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